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The CP-ONE PLUS unit is the Belmont flagship, offering a unique treatment experience for the Doctor and the patient.

The unit offers the most advanced technologies in the dental world with full control of all the systems through the LCD screen, and also displays some of the options in active lights next to the patient so that there is no need to divert the gaze from the patient.



Why should the doctor Buy it?  


  • 6 holders on the doctor's side
  • Place for 2 scales and 2 hand tools on the side of the assistant
  • The holders Leaning forward so you can "throw" the tools in
  • A large delivery table with a slight 180-degree movement around the patient
  • The 10 LED light is ideal for handling
  • An electric control of the chair and headrest movement from the doctor's table, the assistant holder and the pedal
  • Option to fully control the hand tools from the LCD screen + Timer (control of water quantity, direction of turbine rotation and speed) 



Why it's good to the patient?


  • Soft and large seat
  • Sitting on the chair in normal condition - easy access for children, people with a physical disability and elderly
  • A cuspidor bowl that moves 90 degrees toward the patient and prevents unnecessary movement
  • The possibility of sitting and receiving an explanation of the treatment in the form of a "meeting" with the doctor and a screen showing the treatment procedure