The Credia G1 dental unit allows every doctor, from the youngest to the oldest to purchase the high quality Belmont equipment with the best service and support in the lowest price you can get.

Like the other Belmont dental units this one is also equipped with large delivery table which allows easy and clean work above the patient.



What do you receive when buying the credia g1?



  • 3 years warranty
  • A large, comfortable delivery table that comes above the patient
  • Place for 5 hand tools on the doctor's side
  • Option for 2 instruments and hand tools on the assistant side
  • 5 LED Lamp
  • Possibility to control the chair from a leg stick
  • 2 automatic memory modes for chair + L.P and initial condition
  • Option for installation of additives: distilled water bottle, VIEWER, ENDO device
  • BELMONT compatible doctor chair as gift



5 LED lamp:



compatible doctor's chair:

Distilled water  bottle

Control panel

 Removable porcelain cuspidor bowl

 Control the chair from a leg stick


Articulating headrest​