Clesta eIII 

The good old Celesta model was upgraded and moved to the 21st century.


The Clesta elll unit maintains Belmont's reliable motor and upgrades the electrical system and internal plumbing, ensuring easy, quiet and comfortable work for many years.

The unit is designed in a perfect ergonomic manner for convenient work for the doctor and a comfortable sitting for the patient.


















What do you get when you buy the Clesta Elll?

  • 3 years warranty
  • A large and comfortable delivery table that reaches above the patient
  • Option for 2 suction systems +one hand tool on the assistant side
  • 5 LED Light
  • Multifunctional pedal as same as in the Clesta ll
  • 2 automatic memory modes + L.P + initial mode
  • Installation option: water heating device, distilled water dispenser, VIEWER


Additional models





















5 LED lamp​

Water heating device​

Distilles water dispenser​

Easy entry of the patient, 90 degrees moving handle

Multifunctional pedal

Multifunctional pedal​

Easy connection and unit control systems

Articulating headrest​​