Why tbCompass:


  • Option to switch from left to right in 60 seconds!
  • Full electronic control of hand tools - direction of rotation, quantity of water and speed
  • Electronic Command
  • Standard non-stitching upholstery or luxurious upholstery
  • The unit can be upgraded in various supplements according to the Doctor request
  • The work unit is based on the oldest and most reliable model in the market the Clesta II
  • Polished porcelain / glass with 180 degree manual movement
  • Removable cuspidor bowl
  • 10 LED lamp
  • 3 years warranty

































































Technical specification:


  • Possibility to work on the left side of the patient
  • A place for 2 suction tubes in the side of the assistant + another place for hand tools
  • Option to install VIEWER
  • Porcelain / glass spittoon with 180 degree motion capability + removable option for cleaning
  • The chair can be operated by the assistant
  • Two hoses with preparation for the F.O turbine
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Memory for both chair position modes + initial mode + L.P
  • Multifunctional pedal for easy operation of the chair









Standard uholstery​

Luxury upholstery:​

 LED lamp 10​​

Articulating  headrest​​

Porcelain or glass cuspidor bowl​​

Multifunctional Pedal​